About us

Piper & Furend is a Canadian sister owned dog biz created by Anik a 25-year-old and Véronique a 22-year-old located in Ottawa, Canada. Inspired by Piper, a loving and energetic mini goldendoodle. Having spent countless hours browsing for dog accessories specifically harnesses, collars, and leashes that matched our personal style and taste, we felt it was right for us to open a dog accessories business.

Our designs are a result of countless hours making sure to offer you high quality modern abstract designs for you and your pups’ everyday lives. We also focus on offering you vibrant seasonal colours to make sure your pups’ always have trendy accessories and making you feel confident. Founded and established in 2021, Piper & Furend is dedicated to bringing you and your pets’ high quality creative, modern, and vibrant accessories that will make sure your pets always have fashionable accessories.

Want your pet to be the most stylish on the block? Piper and furends got you covered!